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Happy Snaps from Tassie 2010

Getting there is more than half the battle!

They always seem to know when to give the ExPats Wave and "No Jordy, I won't put my hand down there!"

This guy heard there was an event on for trikes and brought his teddy along for a look see.

According to the RACV EBT this a safer kind of vehicle than enclosed composite bodies.

Is Braden putting the chain back on, or fixing their gun sights?

Stackhat + ski goggles = Stunt Rider?

Arrrghhh, the pain of it all!

Grandpa (chundagutz) not in action in this weekend - well not on the track anyway

The morning after the night before.

Didn't realise they had a funniest helmet competition in Tassie...


A better approach is to colour coordinate your gear.

Mr Casual with the elbows out - not a good idea at somewhere like Murray Bridge though!

Mr orange vest looks a tad upset about having his lunch interrupted, which
begs the question of why he felt it necessary to be 3rd man in in the place?

Side fringes aren't all that useful when racing eh, Mari? Still, better than trying to eat the fence in the run-off area!

Too late with the flag, he's already gone around the corner - Oh well, just stop him and hold it in front then!


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