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Happy Snaps from Wonthaggi 2010

Azza pushing his weight around & Evan with the 'Aero Hair Do' and go fast socks

Kissin' Cousins

Attention whore in the foreground, gotta be in everything.

And yet there was no sign of full on nudity all weekend from the Carisbrook crew.

Ok all the Girls line up and pull a face... I guess Patty must be a girl after all

Pssst... Gerard, stand on tippy toes so you don't look like a midget buddy

Keepin' Cool, and No, Kyle I won't kick you the camera!

No Matty, you can't get out, get back in the race is about to start!

The secret of the fast first lap finally unveiled... keep the tongue out.

Ealesy always seems to know where the camera is

Much to learn you still have... my young padawan... The beginning this is just!

Some of us are playing for sheep stations at the pointy end, get out of the way or feel our wrath!

Blitzen? More like Scrapen' all bluddy weekend!

Fanging to be let off the leash and go chasing trikes

Clancy: contemplating his next foolish endeavour?

Open wide for Henry, Jacqui

"Would you believe he missed me by that much?" and... Stoner, I am not = Greg

Mari is attacked by the bubble wrap monster in the middle of the night

At Last... A ventilation system that works!

Goose/Goat, Maverick... hands up who caused this stack

Doesn't matter which way she's pointing, she's still loving it!

Someone's been watching too many high speed chases on movies, reversing along beside the others...

And just to prove his skill, our wrong-way-charlie does a u-turn, right into...

The barriers on the other side!

Did I miss the part about the fancy dress helmet contest?

That pink is a tad too bright this early in the morning Mick. Ty seems "excited" to see the official.

Azza almost tipping over whilst just going in a straight line!

Camer watcher much, Genna?

He looks scared shitless about something!

We might not have finished first, but we were first finished!

Seriously Clancy, who rides in their jocks? You deserved to be drowned!

Last across the line

And of course... the ExPats wave.


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