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Lead up, new trike taking time, don't want to rush it. Daryl & Azza sort out a trike & repair/repaint biffo.

Race Start

In what has become a common start to the year a former BYR rider suited up with us for a start at Casey, last year it was Nigel preston, this year Trom Hutchins who'd been in training for track season and was a bit underdone for even a shortish 45 minute stint.

- Troy, started well 1st 2 laps, Paul shot away though. Then times blew out over 2:10, hung on for his 45 mins

- Jordy started few of 2:05's then settled around 2:03 for 10, before a mid stint slump of 3 2:10's, before droppping back to 2:06's and finishing with a 1:59

- Kyle, who was yet again less than fully fit - always seems to have a cold etc - started with 1:58 to show he meant business settled int oa 2:07 average before also finishing it off with a sub 2, 1:57 lap

- Azza, started solidly, gainging on TruBlu for first half, then slowing and dropping off the pace in the second half of stint. Perhaps showing the loss of the constant training partners now T K H live togethe rin Bendigo?

- Kel, after getting extremely frustrated at the amount of time a mandatory wheel change took, took the out lap to settle down before settling into a string of laps under 2:02 ave. Made up some great ground on TB.

- Henry, using his trademarked technioque for getting "out of the red zone" of going hard from the gun with an outlap of only 2:17 including the run down pit lane! Even tho his lap times were fluctuating between 2:04 - 2:12 he was pulling time out of TB every lap.

- Brock despite having only recently returned to training, put in a solid 45 mins with the equal second quikest ave with jordy pof 2:05 - but it hurt, he pushed to his limit and will be no doubt be pushing to get some moe trraining time in before 'thaggi to back up his performance there last year.

- With just over 20 mins to go and all the guys capable of riding having done so, Ty was keen to get in have a ride despiet having damaged his knee, and torn muscles in the same leg as his wrecked ankle at work the previous week. With Steele out there at te same time, and only 1 leg to ride with it was never going to be an even contest, going down the back straight they had a friendly bit of nudge Steele pulled away a little before seetling into approx same lap times saving himself for a last lap blast of 1:47. Ty finished with a 2:07 ave for 12 laps and wishing he had 2 usable legs.

- 2nd again to TB, and this time, other than the slow wheel change, no mechanicals to blame it on, not coming in with any high expectations the boys left knowing they were looking ok, needing some more k's in the legs, and hoping the new rig would solve some of the advantages TB had cornering.


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