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Happy Snaps - Casey HPV 6 Hour, 2010

At least we're #1 in the crowd's eyes 

Reminds me of the scene in the movie Wild Hogs where John Travolta gets a mouth full of crow!

A Lynx (it said Lnyx on the right side) Sanga

At least there is even wear on the tyre even if the rider didn't know what that "white line" on it was for.

Looks like his glasses got shook a little loose

 BJ looks a little wet post race

Not Happy Jan

There was some hot action on the track on the weekend

What happens when you say "wave for the camera"

Umm... if we can't see in, doesn't that mean he can't see out either?

Brocky, that is one dity looking, Arts Faculty like, Uni beard mate. Didn't slow him down any tho

Eyes on the road buddy, not on the camera


Thumbs up from Steele, who always
has an eye out for the camera

Heavens up from Ty who'd
just ridden one legged

You've heard of the 3 wise monekys - now meet the 8 dumb ones - nice cover up Troy.


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