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Happy Snaps - Super Series Round 1, 2009

Full Round 1 Photo Gallery

Henry cops a feel

Omen of things to come, drawing eyes to help them see...

Before... and... After - just cosmetic damage, this fairing is bullet-proof

Thumbs up on the run and a change of teams for Mickle (BYR -> Blueshift)

Super Secret Blur's?

I reckon they're just stoked to be here

Nothing like being ready Eh, Khye?

SA Premier Mike Rann and onlookers rushing away from Mick's efforts at a self wedgie

Brock casually getting dressed in front of hundreds 15 seconds before the parade lap

Now you see it... now you don't... the barrier fence that is

Pointing here, pointing there

Paul loves the mud, Gareth loves the mud too... see their big smiles.

Steele loves mud not so much, Mr Grumpy looked ready to bite someones head off

Moist and Chewy anyone?

If you throw enough mud, some will stick...

Some people take using umbrellas too far!

How do you stop your windscreen getting fogged/dirty? Why rip/blow it off completely of course! 

Dog of a day for a race

Someone's a bit camera shy I think!

Not happy Jan?

Ty doesn't look too happy either!

Quick, let's get it in the trailer before it gets wet...

Kel looked to be having a ball though!


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