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ExPats HPV Trike Racing
Murray Bridge, 2008

Kyle at the last Sunday training showing the dirt sandwich the trike kicked up.

"Oh yeah, who's got the best seat in the house?"

Lemme at em, I'm going really quick right now

Warm Up Lap & Raring to go...

Or not!

Kyle's bed

I'm having trouble pedaling... I think it has something to do with this foot not being in the trike.

It takes great skill to back it into the hay bales

The marshalls seem a little concerned at where this guy thinks he's going

C'mon, Henry, tells us what you really think

I hope someone doesn't think this is a really good aero package, more like a bad batmobile

Duct Tape rulez!

And to think these guys used to poke muck at the Highview trikes ending races looking like this!

ExPats Ridge, we love racing so much we like to camp as close to the track as possible!

Someone's had a rough night!

A little camera shy perhaps?

There used to be a wheel under here somewhere...

Well it sure looks like they're all trying to target Kel.

Bluddy loose water bottles, seriously, surely a better method could be used.

Here they are the speed demons, everyone else left a while go

Just for those looking for Tim, here's what he looks like!


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