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Happy Snaps from Wonthaggi 2009


BYR boys were really taking their "rest" race to heart

The lengths some people will go to get on TripleJ eh, Nige
ExPats will happily take up the challenge for the coveted TrippleJ Trophy

It looks like the guy on the ground has just birthed a complete trike!

Forensic tests have shows that is indeed purple paint on the front of Son of Tiger as Jeff
dishes out as good as he gets down the back straight during the last hour or so of racing.

What the?

Just out a causal Sunday arvo drive, elbow out the window and all.

Oh, yeah... well the same to you buddy!

Must... Stay... Awake...

The NOS boys all had their tape tatt's on display... or did they?

Nice look Muddy - now if I can just find that D-Floor video. Not sure about the humping dog though!

Now, first I rub my boobies like this...

Joshy up to his usual tricks - stuffing his face.    Azza, is he trying to get out, or resisting getting in?

Hey - no smoking in the trike! Some people just turn up to race with "Bad Intentions" it seems


Man of Steele melts in the sun.        Porpy telling the world : "That's my gurrrlll!"

Mick in his formal riding atire.                                                  The Blu Boys out on display

What happens when yo utake your eyes off the road guys?

Not happy Jan!

Who's joking now that it's 35 degrees, eh?

Is that a Darth Vader fairing your wearing?

What happens when you headbut a barrier at speed...

... you scream at the first person to offer you a hand?

Eye's on the road fella!

Show Off!


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